Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am the Worst

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know, I have not been writing anything. I have not been able to get excited about this election. I am going to hold my nose and vote for whoever is not Obama.

I will try and do better but this gorgeous weather is really going to make that a difficult proposition.

As a Giants fan I was happy for the Bears getting Brandon Marshall. I thought the price was great and almost every single one of Marshall's multiple personalities thrived with Cutler in Denver. I was happy for all of my long suffering friends who support the Bears through thick and thin.

Now I hope they lose every game

Two things. One, Lovie Smith, shut up. I do not want to hear lectures on politics from someone who hired Mike Martz and cannot comprehend the NFL challenge rules.

Second, what would the outcry be if someone started an organization "White Americans for whatever average candidate the GOP nominates in November"

Why are we told that opposition to Obama is racist after he got 43% of white voters in 08 and McCain got 4% the black vote?

Third, the Balkanization of politics is gross.

Fourth, great job spending that trillion Barry