Friday, November 2, 2012

Why I am voting for Romney

Romney was not my first choice. Hell, I do not even think he was my second choice. Then my first and second choices decided they were not going to run for President this year, so here we are.

Then I started reading about him. His story is impressive. Gave away his massive inheritance, ran a state, saved the Olympics and started a wildly successful company.

Then you read a little deeper and he is really impressive. He has a record of doing things that would probably  lead directly to canonization if he had a different letter after his name.

He is a good person who cares about the less fortunate in ways other than just other people's taxes.

There are a lot of specifics that I like about Romney's plan.

I love his energy policy, approving the Keystone pipeline and reaping the benefits of the millions of jobs and cheaper power that makes every purchase made by every household more affordable. I love that moves in this direction will not only be a massive economic boom but will greatly weaken petro-sponsors of anti-American and Western thought throughout the world. Plus no more wind energy, because when you have the chance to invest in an inefficient method of harvesting power than requires 100% redundancy, why not spend billions of tax dollars on it? Right?

Education reform. This is massive, taking control of the schools away from the teachers unions and putting it in the hands of parents and teachers. Spending more money on better teachers rather than siphoning it off to fund Democrat campaigns, union officials and massive administrative bloat.

Slashing corporate taxes to bring more companies to our shores simplifying the tax code foe individuals and small business makes far too much sense not to happen.

All these are positive things, but basically window dressing. I am wildly patriotic and care desperately about this country. I am the grandson of a plumber and the great grandson of a goatherd. My Dad was the first from his family to go to an Ivy League school. I want kids one day and I want to be live the American Dream and provide for them an opportunity to be more successful than me. The debt that Obama is running up is a clear and present danger to that prospect. I am old enough to remember a Presidential candidate saying that adding 4 trillion to debt in 8 years was "unpatriotic" He has not responded with a request to comment on 6 trillion in 4 years.

This is fiscal child abuse. Whereas Romney and Ryan have proposals to address this, Obama's plan involves more "investment" in the "Jobs of the Future" because he has such a great track record.

Spending like this, over a trillion in deficit spending a year, is reducing the future available to my unborn kids. This is unacceptable and the main reason I will be voting for Mitt Romney.