Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it weird to only me....

That the 2009 Nobel Laureate is giving a State Dinner. a huge feast with speeches, dignitaries and probably a number of celebrities (including Obama himself!) to honor the man responsible for keeping the 2010 Nobel Laureate in a gulag?

No?  Just me?

Not even challenging China on human rights, we instead get a speech that boiled down to  "ZOMG we can haz Pandas!"

Further, I completely support Obama going to the Super Bowl.  I think he should golf, attend sporting events and vacation as much as possible as it keeps him out of the office and away from making more bad decisions.  Obama seems to me like my friends that became consultants out of college.  They worked long hours on excel without any real ability to influence events or strategy, in a  politically correct environment and in undesirable locations, but they had some really cool perks.  Per diems, status on airlines and hotel chains, mountains of miles and company sponsored booze events made it more tolerable.  The parallels don't end there, the lead up to the jobs, the campaign and recruitment phases, were awesome; auditoriums packed with screaming fans who faint from your pure amazingness or company sponsored booze trips to FL or CA.  Then the honeymoon ends when you are sourcing 2 ply toilet paper to get the best price in Billings, MT or being held accountable for the complete failure of your 1 Trillion dollar stimulus and getting pantsed in the mid term elections.

That being said, I thought his speech about Tuscon was the most presidential thing he has ever done.  Granted his call for civility came after almost a week of attempting to pin the murders on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and anyone who thinks they have a right to keep anything more than half of what they make had completely failed, but I am anxious to hear how our new arbiter of tone reacts to this.  Or this, which ABC tried to squash even thought it happened at their town hall, must have not fit the narrative or something.

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