Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am back!

New Years Resolution is to post at least once a week.

This is what is on the top of my head today


I, for one, cannot wait for the #OccupyWallStreet crowd and every one of my liberal friends who post crap like this on facebook and twitter respond to the Corporate Political Speech going on today to protest SOPA by Google, Wikipedia and Reddit today.



So their principles are really just matters of convenience to be dropped whenever it is expedient to their point of view?

There is an analogy here between the virulent anti-war Left and their silence in the expansion of drone killings, targeted killing of Americans, waging undeclared wars in Africa without congressional approval, the 10 year anniversary of Gitmo etc etc etc but I have been away from blogging for so long that I need to warm up a little bit before getting there.

To be clear I am completely against SOPA and agree with the points that these companies are making and have real problems with drone attacks and undeclared wars I just think the mercurial convictions of liberals are interesting.


Well, I would like to thank the administration for one thing, keeping the word Keystone in the news as much as possible as it calls to mind one of my all time favorite commercials

This blows my mind. This is a slam dunk for Obama. He signs this, he creates hundreds of thousands of high paying, blue collar, union jobs with the stroke of a pen. He cuts down on oil imports, he lowers the cost of domestic energy with is one of the biggest regressive taxes that I come to mind and stops China from signing a deal to get this oil. In an election that will hinge completely on the economy and jobs the appeasement of the loony environmental lobby seems to be insane. I love that Obama is providing this club to bludgeon him with come November but this is just bad for the country.

Fun environmental loony question of the day

What Killed more people last year?

BP oil spill
Fukushima meltdown
Organic sprouts in Germany


Puke. I looooove nominally identifying with such a stupid party. I will hold my nose and vote for Romney. Why the crap can we not get a good candidate like Ryan, Christie, Daniels or Rubio?


  1. You are very uniformed re: Keystone. Do some research rather than spouting talking points. As far as sopa, lobbying against a bill is different than a direct campaign contribution. Seems like you are falling into the Right's favorite tactic: ignoring nuance

  2. Hey Gleck. I appreciate the feedback. What is your objection to the pipeline? Greenhouse emissions? Potential leaks? Tar sand oil in and of itself?

    Re: SOPA I realize the difference and it was something of a lazy comparison but we are talking a truckload of nuance when it comes to issues that were "shredding the constitution" "cowboy diplomacy" "bloodthirsty" and "war crimes" that are now just cool.

  3. You have a true gift for comparing apples and oranges, amigo mio. The human death toll caused by the BP oil spill and Fukushima meltdown are but MICROSCOPIC SLIVERS of the actual damage attributable to them.

    ps- There is 0% chance that YOUR BOY Rick Santorum will beat Obama short of somebody finding latter in bed with a dead girl or live boy -- regardless of how many clubs, knives, guns, missiles, bombs and contagious flaming homosexuals the former unleashes against him.