Monday, December 6, 2010

David Brooks reads my blog!

Well, maybe not, but his tax reform ideas appear very similar to my own, although they look a little different because he has an "editor" that "cares" about "grammar" and "punctuation."

While I completely support his tax reform ideas, I have no faith in his vision of Obama as someone who can make a pivot and address this issue that could be a huge winner for him.  I do not think he has it in him to forsake 30 years of idealogical commitment and activism as a professional leftist community organizer and the most liberal vote in Congress.  I would love to be proven wrong here for the sake of the country. This would paint him as sympathetic to everyone who pays taxes, (insert snide comment about Democrats only liking to spend other people's money here) and could be a real factor in getting the economy moving again.  I don't want Obama to crash and burn, I am unwilling to immolate the country just to get him out of office.  If he can read the writing on the wall and tack right like Clinton there are things that he could accomplish that could be really positive.  Clinton's welfare reform was one of the best pieces of legislation passed and I doubt that any Republican President could have gotten that through.

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  1. Your sentence ending in "punctuation." was fantastic.