Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't we do enough for them already?

If this CNBC article about the US agreeing to fund an EU Stability fund is true I make puke all over the recliner that I have not left today

We already subsidize the entire European continent to an enormous extent.  The only reason that it has taken their effete, soft democratic socialist organization this long to collapse is they have not had to spend any money on defense since WWII.  They depend on their gauche, rude cousin to the west to take care of all the bad things in the world while they look down their noses at us about our methods.  I am not an isolationist by any means but for the life of me I cannot understand why we continue to shield these clowns with our troops stationed on their soil.  This brings me to another rant about the UN and other countries in general.  If people don't like us and do what we say why are we giving them a dime of anything.  I understand helping countries in crisis like the Tsunami or the earthquake in Haiti or the floods in Pakistan but day to do funding and aid given to countries that spit in our face or regions that danced in the streets on 9/11 is reprehensible.

Why should we be bailing out Europe when they admit countries that do not meet the fiscal requirements?  It is bad enough that Germany is bailing out Greece while the Greeks riot about raising their retirement age but now the rest of the PIIGS too?  I would love to help the Greek and Italian economies.  I have free time and want to travel, I would be more than happy to take trips there and spend my dollars if they dropped out of the euro-zone and devalued their currency to pesos.  What good does artificially propping up a failed system do?  Finally, why are we following the statist blueprint provided by Europe rather than using their failure as a preview as what will happen when the government controls health care, auto companies, banks and the economy in general?  Wasn't the argument that they were more civilized and advanced and had it figured out and we were living in the dark ages by not having the enlightened programs headed by gifted technocrats to take decisions out of the hands of the unwashed public?  Why are they coming to us with their hands out now?

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