Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama press conference

Obama:  “Tax cuts for the rich is the Republican’s holy grail”
My Holy Grail is the carpenters cup, because I don't want my face to melt off.  Fan of the Fraulein though.

Speaking of Indiana Jones, Obama is like an action hero when it comes to annihilating straw men.  None can stand in his path.  If only he was as harsh against, maybe, our enemies as he is to the false arguments and talking points he assigns to people who disagree with him about the role of government in life.  He called Republicans "Hostage takers" and "Bomb throwers" today.  This is after Menendez from NJ called compromising on tax matters with Republicans "Negotiating with terrorists."  I thought this was a new era of politics, no?

Just to be clear, addressing where Obama got his start in politics, in the parlor of an unrepentant murderous Weatherman terrorist and his unrepentant murderous Weatherman terrorist wife and addressing another long time friend of Obama's ties to the PLO are completely inappropriate, dog whistle, racist, fear mongering attacks.  Got that.  But if you don't think the government should raise taxes because you disagree with Keynesian economic theories due to recent empirical evidence (see Trillion dollars, Stimulus of) you can be called a hostage taker or bomb thrower by our post partisan president and a terrorist by his allies in the Senate.  Did I sum that up right?

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