Thursday, October 11, 2012

Failed policies of the past!!!

I hear this rhetoric constantly...

A vote for Romney is a vote to return us to the failed policies of the past...

The policies that got us in to this mess...

Turn the clock back to the failed ideas of the past...

What specific policies are they talking about?

From what I gather they must be referring to the Bush tax cuts, which the Obama Campaign and the media (but I repeat myself) blame for the economic crisis.

I am unclear as to how Obama can blame these tax cuts after he extended them. I do not know how he can blame these tax cuts after saying this. Or from the fact that tax revenues actually increased.

Regulation? The straw man that liberals love to ANNIHILATE is that conservatives hate regulation, police firefighters, consumer protection etc etc. They paint small-government conservatives as some so of anarchist/extreme libertarian bogeyman that would prefer some sort of Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome free for all


Just because I think we are over regulated and over litigious does not mean I prefer Lord of the Flies. It is akin to my weight, I could stand so lose some, but my target weight is not exactly zero.

I realize this must test well with low information voters, but where is the beef?

Then he says the private sector is "doing fine" and our unemployment stems from the drastic cuts in public employees? Well those numbers seem to be flawed also.

I understand Obama has no record of his own to vote on, aside from passing an unpopular healthcare bill through legislative tricks that had to be re written from the Supreme Court Bench, but come on

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