Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am old enough to remember

When anemic economic growth was a bad thing for an incumbent

h/t James Taranto

Two Papers in One!--II
  • "President Bush smiled when he learned this week that economic growth during the third quarter reached a surprising 2.7 percent, almost twice the previous rate. But his smile shouldn't be broad. The new figure almost certainly exaggerates the health of the economy, which continues to creep along at a painfully slow pace. Even the 2.7 figure is half the normal rate of recovery and not enough to bring down unemployment."--editorial, New York Times, Oct. 29, 1992
  • "The slow pace of the nation's economic recovery has picked up a bit lately. In the third quarter, the economy grew at an annual rate of 2 percent, beating expectations and the dismal 1.3 percent growth in the second quarter. Over the past year, the growth rate has been 2.3 percent. At that pace, there's enough momentum to keep unemployment, currently 7.8 percent, from getting much worse."--editorial, New York Times, Oct. 27, 2012

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

NYT and WaPo ran Abu Ghraib on the front page every day, painting Bush with the same brush as the idiots who were mistreating prisoners non-stop. How many front page headlines have been dedicated to Benghazi?

Censored? The SOS post was taken down by Facebook twice... but not before it had been shared online by thousands

Honestly, I think this is a huge issue. Even if Obama wins, after he is impeached for Benghazi then we are stuck with Biden as President. I certainly am old enough to remember how an unqualified, erratic and mentally unstable person should reflect poorly upon the top of the ticket.

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