Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two things

I may be biased as I am a huge fan of FNL but this Romney's campaign slogan appeals to me FAR more than Obama's "GM is alive, Bin Laden is Dead!" rallying cry

Let's break down Obama's claim in 2 parts

GM is alive

Well sure, as much as someone on an Iron Lung is alive. This is a classic example of a false choice. Obama casts himself as a White Knight, riding in to save American automakers who, without his help, would have shut their plants forever and never made a car again. Without his timely intervention, another car would never have been made in the United States.

This is pure bullshit. 

Everyone reading this blog (all 15 of you, Hi Mom!) have flown on bankrupt airlines. People, businesses, cities and states go bankrupt on a regular basis. This happens, it is part of capitalism  People take risks, make choices, they do not always pay off. Bankruptcy is not a death sentence, is a process where productive assets, people and companies are freed from the burden of debts that cannot be covered.

Were GM allowed to go through an orderly, legal bankruptcy, the $56 an hour labor and outrageous legacy costs would have been addressed and they could compete with foreign manufacturers level ground. Instead, the people with legal rights to be first in line were screwed in favor of the UAW (who understand a thing or two about investment, their campaign donations to Dem campaigns return more than any hedge fund I have ever heard of). So now rather than a leaner, more efficient GM standing alone and making cars that people want we have a tax payer financed zombie that exists primarily to provide health care to tens of thousands of UAW retirees that has a small subsidy that makes cars that no one wants and occasionally combust.

I hate the TARP but the banks have largely repaid what they were loaned, the majority of the outstanding money comes from the auto industry. So we, the taxpayers, are invested in a company that has twice the labor costs of their competitors. I am not a doctor, but that does not seem like a good bet

Bin Laden is Dead (foreign policy)

I give Obama all the credit he deserves for killing Bin Laden. Well done and thank you.

There are two things that, in my eyes, completely rule Obama out for re-election. And I would love to hear from Flany or Gleck respond to how their God-King deserves their vote in this light. That is if my overwhelming racism can be overcome to merit a response.

Fast and Furious

Death Toll 300+ in Mexico and 2 Border Control agents and counting

Guns given to known cartel members to be tracked and followed up the chain to followed up the chain to find the bigger fish. Evidently this brilliant plan lacked proper surveillance on the guns and inter-departmental communication as one of the targets was an informant for another agency and consequently untouchable. 

Oh and the border agent that was killed was mandated to use non-lethal (read as bean-bag) rounds while they were knowingly handing assault rifles to cartel hit men.

Holder Lied! Mexicans and Brian Terry Died!

Gleck, remind me, what was the body-count from Watergate?


So tell me if I am missing something here

Obama leads an undeclared war without congressional approval (War of choice! Hey Liberals check me on this but Bush got Congressional approval for Iraq and Afghanistan right?)

This war is to depose a leader who voluntarily gave up his nuclear program right?

At a compound in Benghazi, a known Al Qeada strongold, had security that totaled to local militia, locks and keys

The Ambassador and embassy staff had requests for additional security denied

My fault, that was not asking for additional security, it was ASKING TO NOT TO REMOVE THE GUARDS THEY HAD

Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney and Susan Rice say that this was some sort of spontaneous movie review

So Obama gets us into a undeclared war, his administration refuses requests for additional security and gets 4 brave Americans killed. Then lies about the circumstances.

I think whoever denied the requests for additional security should be sent to Libya.

Flany, remind me, what was the body count from Watergate?

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