Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making a Point and or Sending a Message

I was doing some GOTV work with a very conservative woman.  She could not have been any nicer, she referred me to a number of intellectual conservative groups in Chicago that sound really interesting and we got along great.  The one area that we disagreed was on the upcoming IL Senate race.  She refuses to vote for Mark Kirk and I completely understand.  Kirk voted for Cap and Tax and voted against the surge in his time in the House.  He is a classic RINO, cut from the exact same cloth as Snowe, Collins, Graham or McCain.  Worships at the altar of bi-partisanship which, in his eyes, means conservatives forsaking their principles so the Times and MSNBC will say nice things about them.

That is why on election day I am going to wake up, vote for Mark Kirk, then hit the phone banks for 4-6 hours to make sure as many people as I can reach do the same thing, then go home and take an hour long shower with steel wool and bleach.

I agree with wanting send Mark Kirk a message but I think of this the way we used to think about foreign policy.  That politics stop at the water.  I am fully behind rough and tumble primaries that define the idealogical direction of a party or a campaign but once that is decided vote for the guy who won.  Or at least the guy who is not a mobbed up failed banker like Alexi.  I plan on campaigning like hell for Kirk because he will take office in November and serve through the lame duck term and will be another speed bump for any nonsense that the Dems attempt in that time.  I will also campaign like hell for any real conservative that challenges him in the next primary.  Take your medicine and deal with it.

PS.  Wish Murkowski Castle and Crist would subscribe to this school of thought.  The entrenched establishment  Republicans needs to go but it needs to happen in a primary, not electing criminals to Congress out of spite.

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