Monday, October 25, 2010

Second Round of Donations

Thank you guys for my massive avalanche of followers (7) and spate of comments (2), it really means a lot.

Time for the Second round of donations and to redistribute other peoples money into ways that I think it will be better utilized (Hey Barrack I understand now, this is fun!).

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Two of the three candidates chosen today are from the comments, which I cherish, so here we go

#1 Ruth McClung from AZ

You know how when Obama was running we were constantly assured about how smart and capable he was?  How he had the credentials of someone who knew about the world and was gifted with a mind to match his oratory?  When he said things like 57 states in America, that inflating our tires and getting regular tuneups would solve our dependence on fossil fuels, or used failure of the Post Office vs UPS and Fed Ex as a justification for nationalizing medicine we were told Shut Up.  He is smarter than us.  He went to an Ivy League school.  It always really bothered me, I am not impressed by Ivy League educations (Sorry Dad) and especially degrees in Political Science.

However, I am impressed by Rocket Scientists, like Rush McClung.  Worked her way through college on a combination of a tennis scholarship and the night shift at Del Taco.  Now works as a rocket scientist while her and her husband try to start their own business.  Again, the recurring themes, out of the political establishment, small business owner and veteran will keep popping up here.  Maybe a rocket scientist can translate what in God's name Joe Biden and Barney Frank are talking about.  Explain how expanding health coverage over 50 million new people will make things cost less.  How we have to spend money to stop ourselves from going bankrupt.

Further, she is trying to unseat Raul Grijalva, who is at the top of the Progressive Caucus.  He actually called for a boycott of Arizona, the state that he represents and lives in, as a response to the AZ immigration law and he supports expanding federal funding of ACORN.  Good enough for me

$100 her way.  Read more and Donate here

#2 Jesse Kelly AZ-8

This is from the comments and from Ace.  Veteran, Small business, and political outsider.  Jesse decided to run for office the day Obama signed the Stimulus / Generational Theft Act.  Small government conservative who is against Obamacare, the stimulus amnesty etc etc.

Really like his take on bipartisanship also

"People want their representatives to work together in a bipartisan way to get things done," said Giffords, who touts her 2009 rating by the nonpartisan National Journal as the most centrist member of Arizona's congressional delegation. "My opponent has said some remarkably tough statements such as, 'Hopefully, there will be no Democrats left in Congress' after the election and that he wants to 'crush liberals.' That's not my approach. To be a community leader, you need to bring people together."
Kelly, an Iraq war veteran who grew up in Montana and has never held elective office, scoffs at the idea of bipartisanship.
"Bipartisanship in Washington means Republicans selling out their conservative principles in order to appear nice on MSNBC," he told a town-hall meeting at the Oro Valley Country Club.
Kelly blasts Giffords for voting for health-care reform. He also criticizes her votes on an energy bill that sought to reduce global warming but which critics said would increase energy costs. And he said the $787 billion stimulus bill that Giffords supported has not created jobs.
"Gabrielle Giffords has provided four years of failure - on the border, on unemployment, on the deficit," Kelly said.

$100 His way.  Read more and Donate here

#3 Allen West of FL

He was not supposed to give a speech, this was mostly off the cuff, give it a listen.  Listen to the way he riffs on American Exceptionalism and the founding of this country,  I get goosebumps from stuff like this.  

Conservative veteran who is unflinchingly patriotic and proud of his country.  Speaks with passion and cites founding fathers, historical dates and events and leads chants about bayonets.  What more do you want?  Fiscally conservative and strong supporter of Israel.  Get on board.

He was fined during his time in Iraq, not court martialed.  Basically, there was an up tick of ambushes and IEDs in his sector and his men were being killed.  He took over an interrogation that had been going nowhere and told the prisoner if he did not talk he was going to shoot him.  He counted off the paces and fired a shot over the guys head and, after crapping himself I assume, the terrorist talked.  Two more insurgents were captured and the attacks stopped.  Resigned his commission when he came home.  Listen to this whole thing, the money line is here

"When I was asked if I would do this again I clearly stated if it was about the health and safety of my men I would go through hell with a gasoline can."

How refreshing and inspiring is this when you have a President that is such an effete pantywaist he has to convene a panel of experts to determine whose ass he should kick?

$100 his way, Read more and Donate here

For the blog this week its going to go to NRO

I read The Corner and the Campaign Spot all day long.  Great sources of election information, pop culture nonsense and Friedman and Krugman bashing.

$85 their way

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